Case studies - how we help our clients

These are just a few case studies to illustrate the kind of work that we do and how that work can benefit a client and even a community.

Case Study 1 – Service with an impact

Bundle Services were awarded a Concierge contract at a site in East London which was previously being managed by a security company.

Since the handover, resident relations have improved ten-fold as the contract is now being handled from a “customer services” point of view as opposed to that of “security”.

Residents have commented on how more efficiently processes are run throughout the building and they feel they are now receiving a service which is better value for money and feel confident that their service charges are well spent.

Case Study 2 – A secure place to live

Bundle Services Maintenance team were being frequently appointed to tend to repairs at an estate who were experiencing a high increase in vandalism and the fabric of the estate was suffering from the damage, which appeared to encourage more vandalism .

Upon meeting with the Property Management team, it was agreed that Security Patrols be put into force on the estate.

Working along with the local police, the security patrols proved popular among residents who were happy to see the problems being addressed.

Vandalism levels have since decreased on this estate and residents are happy their service charges are not sky rocketing to pay for any damage caused by criminals.

Since the vandals started leaving the estate alone, Bundles Maintenance team completed any remaining repairs to bring the blocks back up to standard.

The general morale across the estate has been boosted and residents are now happy to see their beloved estate brought back to life. 

Case Study 3 – Tidy Estate, Happy Residents

An estate in North East London were experiencing severe problems with bulk rubbish and additional charges were being added to facilitate an ad hoc rubbish clearance. Bundle Services Ltd were appointed to attend once a month to remove any bulk rubbish items and so to discourage fly-tipping.
With this arrangement in place, residents were pleased to have a clearer, cleaner estate and to also be saving money by not paying out for any ad hoc rubbish clearances and to have a structure in place. Over time, the overall amount of rubbish being cleared from the estate had reduced significantly.

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